High Server Information
Posted 20 / 11 / 2016


Character Create Level

  • * Summoner require 0 levels
  • * Magic Gladiator require 220 levels
  • * Dark Lord require 250 levels
  • * Rage Fighter require 300 levels

Experience Bonuses

  • * Play with party and get +500 exp bonus
  • * Arena +200 exp bonus (Warp to Arena require 5 Resets & 50kk Zen)
  • * Kalima +200 exp bonus
  • * Blood Castle +200 exp bonus
  • * Devil Square +400 exp bonus
  • * Valley of Loren +500 exp bonus
  • * Land of Trial +500 exp bonus
  • * Pet Panda +50% exp bonus
  • * Pet Skeleton +30% exp bonus
  • * Gold Silver Party disabled
  • * X Shop disabled, no Seals

Reset System

  • * Reset from 400 level (Using VIP Reset from 385 level)
  • * Reset price 5,000,000 Zen * Res (Using VIP 2,500,000 Zen * Res)
  • * Stats clear after Reset: DW,DK,ELF,SUM 600 Stat Points * Res / MG,DL,RF 700 Stat Points * Res
  • * Reset Limit: Maximum 500 Resets
  • * Maximum Stats: 32767
  • * Inventory & Equpment save, no need remove before Reset
  • * Skills Clear with require stats, reade here how to save skills after Reset
  • * Reset Reward:



VIP System

High Server Opening Events

Donate by PayPal are Opened

Posted 11 / 11 / 2016


  • * Server are based on Season 6 Episode 3 files, all events, drops, spots, monster, are reconfigured to make interesting gameplay for all players.
  • * Server are located in France, stable datacenter, protected from ddos attacks, we can guarantee stable online 24/7.
  • * MysticalMu use premium anti-hack system with regular updates, no cheaters, speed hackers, fair gameplay for everyone.
  • * We use premium website with many interesting and unique features, 100 + configured settings to make gameplay more interesting.
  • * We can guarantee 250+ online players on server grand opening, every month we purchased advertising in sites where are mu online lovers to get more players on each mysticalmu world.
  • * Vote Reward system are opened, everyone who are registered can vote for High server here and get free coins, coins you can spend to purchase VIP status who will give you some bonuses also using coins you can purchase items from web shop, collect coins and start game with little bonus.
  • * Players can't buy items from web shop with added Level or Life option, this options you can add on items only in game process, also 5 socket options, harmony option you can create only in game.
  • * We can promise fully configured Castle Siega event, added spots, increased experience, configured Erohim monster dmg, defense and drop, enabled Anciant item drop, Jewel of Guardian drop, Seed of Sphere +4, +5 drop, configured Castle Deep Event, drop exe items, spawn Erohim monster, configured Lord Mix event, reward Jewel Bundles, also Seed creator machines will be located in Castle, only Castle owner guild can use Seed Machines or they can open Castle gates to allow other player use it.

On grand opening we will make some Reset Race, FB share event where you can get bonus coins for free, using this coins you can buy items or VIP to slightly ease the game process on start. Follow us in site and game forum, soon will be added more information about server, website, event configuration.

All who purchase Gold Coins on old High server will receive back 50% Gold Coins 5 days after server opening (why only after 5 days? To give chance for no donate players win Reset Race event and fight for Ranking.)

New Game Client Version V11
Posted 08 / 11 / 2016


Cant enter in game? you must update your game client to the lates version!

Open Game Folder, run Launcher.exe and press "Update Client" button.


Downlaod Patch, extract it and replace all patch files in game folder, Download Game Patch HERE.

Sorry for the inconvenience and Good Luck Playing MysticalMu!

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