New Donate System - SuperRewards
Posted 07 / 12 / 2016


Many players request to add another donate system to allow donate those players who don't have paypal account, now has added Super Reward system who accept payments from all worlds with many different options.

Super Rewards Accept:

  • * Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover Network)
  • * Bank Payments from all world, Trustly.
  • * Skrill Payments
  • * CashU Payments
  • * Paysafecard Payments
  • * Rixty Prepaid Card or Code
  • * Wester Union Payments
  • * BitPay, BitCoins payments
  • * AliPay Payments
  • * Mobile Phone sms from all world (Centi1i, Fortumo, Allpass, Zong+)
  • * Phone Call DaoPay.

PS: After completed payment Gold Coins will be added automatically to your gaming account. Thanks everyone for each donation!


Prize from MysticalMU & Facebook Event
Posted 03 / 12 / 2016


Facebook Event - Get Free 300 Gold Coins:

  • 1) Go to MuOnline Facebook page and press Page Like: PAGE FIND HERE
  • 2) Tag in the following post 3 your friends: POST FIND HERE
  • 3) Press like on the following post: POST FIND HERE
  • 4) Share the following post in your timeline: POST FIND HERE
  • 5) Send to administrators your FB link (in settings allow to everyone see your timeline)
  • 6) Send to administrators your account ID and server where need add 300 Gold Coins ( one player can claim reward only once)

Contact Information:

Event are enabled for Low, Medium & High Server, everyone can participate

Prize from Administrators

Yesterday, 2 December we move website to new hosting, many players can't connect to the site because DNS changes can take up to 24h, thank you for your patience who stay with us. To all accounts who was registered until today, 3 December 10:30 was added 300 Coins, Good Luck! 

Event are ended 15 December

High Server NoN PvP & PvP Server
Posted 29 / 11 / 2016


PvP & NoN PvP

Today, 29 November 19:00 (+2gmt)  MysticalMu will be offline 10 minutes, on high server will be added new subserver, now you can chose where to play in PvP or NoN PvP Server!

PvP Server:

  • - Maximum 300 online players
  • - PvP enabled
  • - Trade enabled
  • - All game events enabled
  • - GuildWar, Duel enabled
  • - All other features are enabled on this server

(This server are for players who like PvP, you can leveling, but everyone can kill you, also there you can use trade system, make GuildWars, Duels and participate in game events)

NoN PvP Server:

  • - Maximum 200 online players
  • - PvP are disabled, can't hit other players in all maps.
  • - Trade disabled
  • - All game events are disabled, work only BC, DS
  • - GuildWar, Duel are disabled
  • - All other features are enabled on this serer

(This server are only for leveling, you can easily leave AFK and other players can't kill you, but you are not able to participate in game events)

Good luck and have a nice day!

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