Server Information
  • HIGH: X1000 Server Statistics
High: x1000 Server Statistics
Total Accounts 42718
Total Characters 9211
Total Guilds 82
Total Gms 0
Total Online 64
Active In 24 Hours 0

High: x1000 Server Market Statistics
Total Items 8489
Active Items 23
Expired Items 8466
Total Sold 15586
Total Sales ForCoins 1946527
Total Sales ForGold Coins 156632
Total Sales ForWeb Zen 5.7 KKK

CryWolf Info
Status Of The Fortress Not Protected

Castle Siege Info
Owner Guild Admins
State Truce Period
Money 382.8 KKZen
tax_chaos 3%
Tax Store 3%
Tax Hunt Zone 30000Zen

# Guild Master Reg Marks
No Registered Guilds
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