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MysticalMu Server Moved to New Hosting

We have problems moving server to another server (Windows problem) server was beed offline 2 days. Now we get back all files, server are sucessfully moved to new hosting and will be back online today 20:00 + 2GMT(in server will be 2-3 hour backup)

For so long time we will give some bonuses:

  • Middle Server (x500) experience will be increased to 750xp and using vote reward system players will get 2 times more Coins until 17. January
  • Low Server (x75) experience will be increased to 100xp and using vote reward system players will get 2 times more Coins until 17. January
  • Max Server (x9999) Vote Reward will be increased 2 times and for Reset players get 2 times more Coins, early 40 Coins, now 80 Coins for reset)

Referral System Bonus:

Invite friends using your referral system and get for each friend resets Gold Coins, get your referral link you can here

  • Now reward for referrals are increased from 500 Coins to 1000 Gold Coins
  • Middle (x500) Server: Friend need get 10 Resets to receive  1000 Gold Coins
  • Low (x75) Server: Friend need get 5 Resets to receive  1000 Gold Coins
  • Max (x9999) Server: Friend need get 10 Resets to receive  1000 Gold Coins

(Bonus until 17. January)

Are not allowed make referrals for yourself, finded players who will make referrals for yourself will be banned on all they accounts permanently

Posted 10 / 01 / 2016



(Opening Time 17:00 +2GMT)

We will combine two servers , 220x and 1000x to one server, x500, server opening 03. January, all characters, items, resets are wiped, Donated Gold Coins are added, if you have some problems or dont have added coins, contact with us.


  • Season 6 Episode 3
  • Experience: 500xp
  • Drop: 40%
  • Points Per Level: 5/7/7 (Stats clear after reset: BK,SM,ELF,SUM 800 Points * Reset, MG,DL,RF 1000 Points * Reset)
  • Reset from 400 Levels, Reset Bonus 40 Coins
  • Grand Reset from 70 Resets, Reward 5,000 Gold Coins, 10,000 Stat Points * GR
  • Online Hours Excahgne, 1 Hour Online = 5 Coins
  • Blood Castle Bonus Experience
  • Added Goldens In Devils Square
  • Chaos Castle Drop Jewels and Anciant Items
  • Marry System work, enabled /tracemarry and Marry Shop
  • Referral System, Invite Friends and get free Coins
  • Pcpoint System Work, Enabled PcPoint Shops, get pcpoints from special monsters
  • Lucky Coin System Enabled, collect Lucky Coins and get Items
  • New Events, Good Rewards
  • Spots in all Maps 
  • Raklion Event Enabled, drop Socket Items
  • Castle Siega Work, LOT Drop JOG, Anciant Items, Seeds, added good spots, increased experience, added Erohims who drop Socket Items

More information about all server configuration you can read:

Posted 23 / 12 / 2015

Max Server Opening 9. December



Season 6 Episode 3

Experience 9999x

Drop 100%

Points Per Level 15/20/20

In Shops: Jewel of Chaos, Bless, Soul, Life / Wings 1,2,3 Level / Pets, Box of Kundums +1,+2,+3,+4,+5 and other Good Items.

PcPoint Shop System: Buy using PcPoints, Jewel of Harmony, Guardian, Creation Bundles / All Seeds 1,2,3,4,5 Level / Fenrir Creation Parts and other Good Items (PcPoints can get from killing event bosses and Land of Trial Monsters)

Events Drop Full Game Items +15 / Seeds 1,2,3,4,5 Level, JOH, JOG, JOC

Castle Siega Work, Fight Every Week (Land Of Trial Erohim Drop Socket Items / Easy drop Jewel of Guardian, Anciant items also easy get PcPoints)

Every Reset 40 Coin Bonuses

Grand Reset From 100 Resets, Stats Clear, Reward 4,000 Gold Coins & 10,000 Stats * GR

Referral System: Invite Friend, Get for each frien 10 resets, 500 Coins

Vote Reward System Work, Vote Every 12 Hours and Get Free Coins

Premium Anti Hack System, No more Hackers


On Grand Opening All Registered Players Will Be Rewarded With 1000 Coins

PS: This server are not for leveling , you will not spend a lot of tiem to get full stast or full items, this server are for Guild Wars, Duels, Castle Siega Fight!

Opening Times:

  • Russia Time: 19:00
  • Argentina Time 13:00
  • Philippines Time: 00:00
  • Brazil Time: 13:00
  • United Kingdom: 17:00
  • Venezuela Time: 11:30
  • Latvia Time: 19:00

Posted 29 / 11 / 2015

New Anti Hack System + Launcher / Auto Updater


  • Added Anti Hack System (No more speed hackers, dc hackers, dupe etc..)
  • Added New Launcher System (Change Resolutions, Enable / Disable Windows Mode, Enable / Disable Music and Sound)
  • Added Automatic Client Update (Easy update client to lates version)


Players who have old MysticalMu Client or other Season 6 Client Files: can download patch here, insert patch files in old client folder, run Launcher.exe check for updates, it will download all missing files, and run main.exe to start play.


If you get client error, read how to fix here:

Posted 26 / 11 / 2015

Low Server Opening



Season 6 Episode 3

Experience 75x + Holiday, BC, DS, Kalima, LOT, Bonus Experience

New Reset System: Stats Clear After Reset: BK, SM, ELF, SUM: 800 Stat Points * Reset / DL, MG, RF: 1000 Stat Points * Reset, Maximum 30 Resets (Create Grand Reset and get more stat points)

New Grand Reset System: GR from 30 Reset, reward 4000 Gold Coins & 10,000 Stat Points * GR, Maximum 3 Grand Resets

Enabled Reset Bonuses, 30 Coins for Each Reset.

Enabled Online Hours Exchange to Zen

Referral System Work, Invite Friends and Receive Gold Coins

PcPoint System Work, Buy Pets, Jewels, Wings, Items using PcPoints

Cash Shop Work, Buy Experience Buffs, Pets, Tickets, Wings and Other Items Using WCoins.

Golden Cherry Blossom Enabled, Collect and Receive Anciant Items

Configured Spots in all Maps (4-6 Monsters in Spot)

Castle Siega Event Work Every Week, Added Spots in LOT Map, Added Wings, Jewels, Anciant Items, Seeds Drop

New, Interesting Events, Every Day, Configured Event Drops, Join Now.

All 50x Server Donations will be moved to new 75x server.



(Latvian Time: 18:00 / Russian Time: 18:00 / Argentina Time: 12:00 / Philippines Time: 23:00 / U.S.A Washington Time: 10:00)

Follow the comments for new updates in 75x server

Posted 23 / 10 / 2015

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